To power up its communication capacities, the Philippine Army plans to purchase tactical radio systems amounting to over P500 million.

According to a statement released by the Harris Corporation of the United States, the Philippine government has already made an order to them with a payment of $12 million.

Harris Falcon III tactical vehicular radios shall be given to the Light Armored Division, which includes intercom and handheld radio systems.

“These radios will provide soldiers in the Philippine Arm with advanced command and control, and real-time situational awareness capabilities,” said Brendan O’Connell, president, Tactical Communications, Harris Communication Systems.

Meanwhile, the Army will be given the Falcon RF-7800V Combat Net Radio integrated into the RF-7800I Intercom Systems.

“This comprehensive solution for in-vehicle voice and data communications delivers secure tactical network connectivity. Harris will also provide the Falcon RF-7800V handheld VHF Combat Net Radio for general use by the Army,” said the statement.

The RF-7800V VHF is tagged to be the world’s most advanced handheld communications system, which can provide continuous coverage within the 30-108 MHz frequency band. Among its features include

  • Up to 192 kbps IP data for faster transfer of large files that are time sensitive
  • Harris’ TDMA Networking Waveform that supports time-critical situational awareness reporting of up to 64 users
  • The Quicklook ECCM waveform suite that allows covert communications and ensures operations in high-noise surroundings
  • Up to 10 watts output power for longer-range communications

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