Do you carry a gun all the time? Maybe you carry a gun because it is part of your job or you just want to feel safe whenever you go. Do you find people staring at you in a weird and suspicious way as if they’re staring at some serial killer?

Worry no more! With this device, you can now make your guns invisible!

Introducing the FREMA Holster!

The Frema Holster - Five-O - JJ Racaza

The FREMA holster is a full concealment holster invented by Mr. Alfredo “Freddie” Madarang. If you look at the holster, it looks like an ordinary item. At first glance, you can probably say that it looks like a boxing belt. But, don’t underestimate the FREMA holster as it can do wonders!

Freddie Madarang invented this holster because of his love for weaponry. He wanted to create something that could conceal a gun so that the people surrounding you will not be alarmed as to why you’re carrying a gun with you.

The FREMA holster is safe to use. Even if you will be placing it in your pants, you don’t have to worry because there’s no part of the holster that will touch the trigger. It can fit mid-sized to full-sized handguns from baby Glock to big Glock. It can also fit handguns such as the 1911 to the small-sized P239 guns. It is made of high quality plastic that it’s almost unbreakable. It also has patents registered in the United States of America and in the Philippines.

Take note that the FREMA Holster, Five O Holster and JJ Racaza Holster are the same. But, the original brand is the FREMA holster. Be aware that Freddie Madarang is the inventor of the holster and not JJ Racaza.

For more information about the FREMA holster, watch our interview with the inventor himself – Freddie Madarang:

This product is perfect for policemen, security personnel and licensed gun owners. Use the FREMA holster and your gun will no longer be visible. It will appear like you’re not carrying one with you.

If you want to purchase the FREMA holster, visit AllNeeds.PH:  or Email Albert A. Mananay Jr. at

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