Group of young minors using illegal drugs at a house on Caloocan was captured on video.

Recently, the video was uploaded on Even Demata’s Facebook page, where four young males and one female were smoking and sharing marijuana while their other friends were sleeping and a 38” type of gun was also seen on the video.

The young minors seem regular users of marijuana.

Many netizens commented and reacted on the video:

Accu Sii Kristine said that, “The effort of your parents to nurture you was just wasted. Have shame on your parents. I hope this will not happen to my children, I trust them, because there are people who cared and raised them in a nice way. Please have pity on your parents. Maybe the money you’ve paid for drugs is from your parents.”

“You’re too young to do that, don’t ruin your life because of that illegal drugs. You’ve wasted the chance that your parents sent you to school. Have pity on yourselves, your parents did everything to make you good children then this is what you’ve done,” Nhoy Bello commented.

Ja Sarinas reacted that, “Herb is not a drug. Created by a divine God for divine purposes. I didn’t say what they’re doing is right, they are not formal. They know that herb is illegal here in the Philippines. They are the youth who don’t know what the purpose of the thing they used. Instead they should do that in a private place.”

Jynvel R. Anguren
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: Even Demata’s facebook page



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