A GMA producerr by the name of Jayson Bernard Santos recently took to social media to express his grievances against the company in the form of an open letter addressed to GMA Chairman Felipe Gozon.

In his letter, Santos expresses his disappointment over several things, from petty issues like not having received dividends after investing in GMA’s stocks, to minor annoyances like having to use his own money on shoots despite not being paid a high salary, to major grievances involving the practice of contractualization in the media industry.

In particular, Santos shares his disappointment over the failure of GMA to recognize the efforts and long years of service of its employees, keeping them on a contractual basis. In response to this issue, Santos, along with other GMA employees, formed the Talents Association of GMA (TAG) to file a formal complaint against the practice.

However, GMA responded by not renewing the contracts of 52 TAG members, excluding them from their annual Christmas bonus, and for some, withholding their salaries.

Open Letter To Atty Gozon

Letter To Gozon

Open Letter To Atty Gozon III

Open Letter To Atty Gozon IV

Open Letter To Atty Gozon V

Open Letter To Atty Gozon VI

Open Letter To Atty Gozon VII

The full text of Santos’s letter to Felipe Gozon can be found here.

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