With what’s happening around the world, finding faith in humanity seems to be difficult. Crime is rampant these days. And, people, instead of helping others to progress, tend to pull others down.

This video can tell you not to put too much faith in humanity. In this video, you can see that, instead of helping the delivery man, they stole the bottles of beer from the delivery truck:

This video was originally uploaded by Facebook user Matthew Magdael. But, a few hours after it was uploaded, the video was removed. According to Matthew, there were many people who weren’t happy with the video that he posted on his Facebook account so he (and his girlfriend) decided to delete it.

But, even if the video was deleted, there were some people who were able to download the video and publish it in their own Facebook page. Pinoy Trending News was able to publish it in their own page. The video already had more than 1 million views, 15,000 shares and more than 7000 reactions from the time it was uploaded.

Now, back to what happened in the video, the accident happened at the Maysan Road exit of North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) in Valenzuela City. The San Miguel delivery truck tipped over the barbed wire fence at the side of the road. Bystanders, instead of helping the driver, hurriedly ran and stole cases of beer from the truck. It looked like they’re picking up goodies that fell from a broken piñata.

The driver, still in shock with what happened with the truck, just watched how bystanders happily ran away with the cases of beer from the delivery truck. He wasn’t able to do anything with the situation as he is still confused as to what he should do with the truck.

As of this post, it still isn’t clear whether the bystanders who took cases of beer were already identified and if they will be facing any criminal case from what they did. But, only one thing’s for sure, humanity is rare these days!

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