German named Benjamin Holst, a 30-year-old man who victimized people from Thailand is now in the Philippines.

Holst suffers from a condition called macrodystrophialipomatosa. His left leg is swollen and used his condition to get people to help him out. In Thailand, after claiming that he lost his passport and money, a German foundation gave him lodging but he disappeared.

German Beggar In The Philippines

“Holst, aka the farang beggar with the big foot, was rescued in late September after he was found homeless on Khaosan Road. He received THB50,000 to get a flight home from DeutscherHilfsverein Thailand, an organization that helps German citizens,” reports Coconuts Bangkok.

Holst was living like a rich man, he stays at hotels and goes bar hopping at night. The money that he spends is from the innocent people whom he begs from.

Facebook user Jhenilyne Atienza asks help from the public stating the full name of Holst including the age and the place were he came from. She saw Holst at EDSA Guadalupe. Now according to the comments of the friends of Holst at Facebook, he has been reported to the German embassy and will possibly be deported again.

Walter Marc Cantero
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Sources: Coconuts, Viral4Real Image: Dorski Obrique Marcelino

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