The public are being warned about some beggars who posed themselves as crippled along street corners in the country after a video has surfaced online showing how a “one-leg” beggar fooled people into thinking that he is disabled.

In a 35-second video, a man is seen sitting in a corner concealing his other feet while asking people to give him money.

When confronted by a person holding a camera, the “one-leg” beggar suddenly stood up.

“Nasaan isang paa mo? Ipakita mo! tayo ka nga! (Where is your other leg? Show it! Stand up!” an angry man questioned the “one-leg” beggar.

Uploaded at Facebook page Pinoy Viral Videos, the video already have over 25,000 views and 1, 389 shares as of Friday morning.

“Good for this crazy, scam artist!” said one poster.

Other netizens however sympathized with the beggar. “Kawawa nman barya lang nman kailangan niya (He is pitiful, he just needed few coins),” said Mary Joy Marsula.

“That is better than being a (drug) pusher or snatcher,” commented another.

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