A video has been uploaded on the Facebook account of Reydonn Vergara on August 6, 2015. Having 4, 810 shares thus, stimulating an overnight hits through the social networking site.

The video was about the arrest of a man with his tricycle by the TRO officials.


As seen on the said video, the TRO officials turned the man’s tricycle upside down by using of rope and leaving the tricycle in the state of destruction and damage, hence this fired off the man to start a commotion and made ruckus pleading desperately about his damaged tricycle and was on the verge of aggressiveness to get back to his motor.

Then, a voice from behind the video was heard saying “Oy! Bawal yan ah!” (Hey! That’s against the law!)

The video heated up debates and arguments from the netizens whether who of the two parties had done the wrong thing: the inhumane act of TRO officials while arresting the man or the man’s off beam approach against the authority?

The said incident had happened around the street in Mandaluyong City.

SOURCE: Facebook

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