A video uploaded by Mark Jason Quintana got the net people’s attention when a BGC Marshal with his friends harassed and assaulted his group. The  BGC Marshal P. Francial apprehended a convoy (an Isuzu Elf and a Toyota Revo) at 11th Ave. cor. McKinley and suddenly scenes turned into violence.

The said Marshal confiscated the license of Quintana’s driver and asked them to pay 500 pesos because their vehicle has 6 wheels. However, by LTO definition, a vehicle must be classified based on weight, not on the number of wheels. Theirs wass a 3800kg vehicle, under the 4500 minimum weight on “trucks”.

Quintana left  his vehicle to continue his dialogue with the Marshal and started recording with his phone that provoked the marshal to call for back up.  When he approached the marshal and asked again about the proper procedure on how to regain the license. Upon reaching him, he tried to grab his arm and repeatedly pointed his finger on quintana’s  face. The marshal kept saying “Bastos ka eh.” However, Quintana  continued to asingk him about the proper procedure on cases like theirs.

Afterwards, the re-enforcement the marshal radioed came and started assaulting Quintana and his group.

They immediately left the place and go to the nearest police station to report what happened and also to Francial’s superiors to inform of the marshal’s wrong doing. However, it seems that they were not provided with help they seek.

The video Quintana shared has already 993 likes and 2,361 shares. Nevertheless, some netizens believed that Quintana’s way of approaching the marshal was also a factor that provoked the marshal.

Source: Youtube


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