July 13, 2015, the Today in Manila Facebook page posted CCTV footage of an arrogant man who refused to a body frisk coming from a Security Guard.

In the 1:48 long video, a man can be seen arguing with a security guard for frisking him at the entrance of a mall. The video revealed that the male customer seemed to be raising his voice as the incident caught the attention of bystanders.

Even though, the Security Guard was explaining his side, this arrogant person continued his bullying, trying to scare the Security Personnel. Eventually, for no any valid reason, the bragging customer forcefully slapped the left side of the face of the Security Guard.

But the poor Security Guard didn’t fight back, He stayed calm and silent, may be for the sake of his work.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/TodayInManila/videos



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