A CCTV footage uploaded on June 10, 2015 by a Facebook user warned the netizens of another modus operandi called Palit-Pera Gang.

“7:02 ng gabi papasok yung mga bakla,” narrated Daina Jimenez Vargas on the video. “Ayan ang isang baklang naka-green at ito yung kasama niya. Kukuha silang tatlong kwarto ng 12 hours.”


In the video, the culprit in green paid P3,000 in cash. When the cashier handed out a registration form to be filled out, the customer suddenly changed his mind and told the cashier that they will have dinner first so he asked for his money back.

While talking to the cashier, the culprit already prepared P300 on his right hand hidden behind his bag.

When the cashier gave the money back, in one quick move, the culprit put the money inside the bag and replaced it with P300 to his right hand.

The culprit made small talks to the cashier then suddenly claimed that he was given only P300. The clueless cashier took the money back without hesitation and replaced it with P3000. The two culprits got away with the money.

For everyone’s safety and awareness, an informant revealed a photo of the culprit in green to Vargas and shared the photo on the comment section of the video. Here is the photo:

Pera Gang

This kind of modus already victimized several establishments this year. The same trick is played on cashiers of every establishment claiming that they were mistakenly given the wrong bill.

Operations like these shouldn’t be left unnoticed. The owner of the video encourages the netizens to share the video and warn everyone.


Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

Sources: Facebook


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