NETIZENS HAVE URGED local officials in Pinabacdao, Samar to explain over the alleged use of its ambulance in a Sunday resort outing in another town some 67 kilometers away or about two-hour drive.

The report started when concerned citizens took notice of the ambulance arriving at  Villa Escober Cold Spring resort in Paranas town and allegedly loaded with passengers who were mostly teenagers in an outing attire.


Photographs of the ambulance allegedly parked in the resort area on Sunday immediately went viral, prompting concerned citizens to call the attention of the town’s officials.

Samar-based radio broadcaster Rommel Rutor, who hosted the public affairs program Bantay Probinsya over DYMS-Aksyon Radyo 1044 Khz, positively identified the ambulance.


In his social media post, Rutor said the ambulance is owned by the local government unit of Pinabacdao ”from the markings and some known paintings and the broken siren.”

The ambulance has no body markings as to who owns it, he added.

”Mayor Quijano should be able to explain this to his constituents, Why on earth the LGU Ambulance is at Villa Escober yesterday (May 29, Sunday)  and was used by a bunch of teeners in their outing?” Rutor asked.


”Ambulances should always be on stand by in case of any emergencies…How will the ambulance respond efficiently once there’s an emergency if it’s far away from the hospital?” commented another Facebook user.

Pinabacdao is a fourth class municipality in Samar.


Photos courtesy of Bantay Probinsaya-DYMS-Aksyon Radyo




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