There really are people who just can’t keep their sexual urgencies at bay.

In a viral video posted by Roxe Madriaga on Facebook, a young man seated next to her was caught masturbating discreetly on the bus, with a sling bag trying to hide his act. In the video the man seemed to be aroused by the other passengers seated near him, as his eyes were at them while doing the deed. The video caption also stressed the fact that the man was seated beside female passengers, who were offended by his actions.


The video also caught his facial expressions, which transitioned as he continued the perverse act.

Masterbate Boy

The video, which has been viewed over 17,000 times and garnered nearly 200 shares for the past four hours, has likewise caught the ire of netizens, most of them expressing their disgust over the man and his act. There are also those who think that the man needs to be made famous by spreading the video through various social media channels.

Does the video feature only an isolated case, or should there be a call to action on the moral values of today’s society, especially ethics exercised in public places?

Source: Facebook

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