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Photos of a gay couple holding hands on a train have went viral on Saturday, both heaping criticisms and praises from netizens.

Uploaded by BV Patrol Facebook page with caption that read, “Suporta para sa kanila! Bawal ang bitter!”, the photos have already earned over 11, 000 shares and 16, 000 likes.

The two persons in the photos were later identified as Naparuj Mond Kaendi, a creative director from Thailand, and Thorsten Mid, said to have been a German national.

They were known through their social media accounts.

As their photos made rounds in the internet, comments, both unpleasant and approving, follow.

The offensive ones mostly talked about Kaendi’s physical look and his partner’s gender preference. Some of the harsh comments include:

“I pity the partner.”


“This creeps me out.”

“Man is for woman and woman is for man. Be a model to everyone. We always deserve love but think (of) children around us. Is this good?”

“To be honest I wasn’t so surprised when random people walked to us last night and showed us all these candid pictures of us that have been posted the whole evening,” Kaendi responded online.

However he is “thankful and overwhelmed” by those who supported their relationship.

“Everyone deserves to love and to be loved! Let’s just all be happy to the both of them,” one poster said, showing appreciation to the gay couple.

“Let’s be happy for them,” another netizen said.

The two are said to have been together for over two years already.