MANILA—At least four traffic enforcers in Cavite were suspended on Sunday after a video of them tasing a motorist has gone viral online.

In a video uploaded by a certain Kheo Avejar on Februay 6, 2016, he said the enforcers flagged down a closed van with his company’s sales manager and helpers on board without explaining their supposed traffic violation.

When the sales manager, who was driving the vehicle, refused to follow the order they were tasered by the enforcers.

In the video, the enforcers and the motorist were seen having a heated argument, then followed by the sound of a taser and a man screaming in pain.

The video has been seen over 700,000 times online.

The tasing incident took place in front of SM Molino in Bacoor city.

Bacoor City Mayor Strike Revilla, in a statement, said the traffic enforcers have been suspended pending investigation on the incident.

He also asked the motorist to file a complaint against the enforcers.

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