A video of a customer being yelled and humiliated at by the Filipino-Chinese owner of the Tiongsan Super Saiyan, a textile shop in Baguio City, where she was accused of stealing from, is now going viral on the social media.

The said video was captured by another customer while he is waiting in line at the cashier at the said store.

According to his caption, the woman was about to pay for 15 yards worth of cloth when the saleslady asked to have it measured again.  It was later found out that the cloth measured at 23 yards.

Because of this, the owner got angry and started shouting at the female customer, saying that they are used to thieves like her.

Due to the humiliation given to her, the woman decided to pay the said item for settlement for both sides, but the owner told her to buy the cloth ten times its original price.

Netizens expressed their opinions on how unpleased they were by both the behavior of the owner and its staff to its customers via commenting on the said video.

Source: LRS Youtube

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