MANILA, Philippines- This time it would only take a miracle for Filipina convicted drug smuggler Mary Jane Veloso to escape her death this as the Indonesian Supreme Court reportedly rejected her second appeal on Monday.

Amid calls from global leaders to include United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and personal appeal from President Benigno Aquino III to Indonesian Pres. Joko Widodo, scheduled firing squad for 10 convicts to include Veloso will be apparent.

In Manila on Monday evening, various rights groups  began their 24-hour vigil in front of the Indonesia Embassy, lighting candles and praying intently for Veloso to be spared.

“With the impending execution of our fellow overseas Filipino worker Mary Jane Veloso, we hold the Philippine government under Pres. Aquino administration accountable on the sad fate of Mary Jane and the many others who were victim of human trafficking and forced migration due to chronic and deepening economic crisis of the Philippines,” said Saudi-based Migrante leader John Leonard Monterona.

“Mary Jane was just among the many who have been victim of government neglect if not lip service. The 12 million OFWs and their families are justified in calling for Aquino’s ouster,” he added.

Monterona said they will mourn with the entire Filipino nation and her family if Veloso will be executed on Tuesday afternoon.

Indonesia earlier notified Veloso of her execution date on Tuesday.

“Migrante members are preparing for vigils at their respective accommodations in Riyadh and in other parts of Saudi Arabia and in other Mid-east countries where there are Migrante affiliates,” Monterona added.

Indonesia has rejected Veloso’s second appeal citing that there should only one appeal on her case.

In Nusakambangan Island, Veloso had found time to tell her two sons that she will not be coming home.

“If Mama does not go home, just think Mama is in heaven,” Veloso told her six-year-old son Mark Darren and 12-year-old Mark Danielle.


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