Yesterday, photos were posted on the page of Filipino Netizens showing teenagers having an underground party.

The pictures showed young men and women getting wild in a bar and most of the girls were wearing clothes that showed most of their skin. The pictures showed how modern teenagers act during parties. Their actions were too disrespectful and not pleasing to the eyes of conservative people.

This was already posted a year ago, but is still viral until now. Some of the netizens reacted to the pictures.



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“Sana di na lang ‘to pinost. Sana kinausap na lang sila in a private way na mali na yung ginagawa nila. Yung masinsinan. Hindi panghuhusga at panglalait ang kailangan nila. I feel pity for these kids,” said Kristel Anne Roquero Balisi. (I think this should not be posted online. They could settle this in a private way. We don’t need to be rude and judgmental to them, I feel pity for this kids.)

“To the admin of this page, you have your brain up your a**. This was posted a year ago, why even bother posting this again? To gain likes? To have the kids in the negative spotlight again? You can call them trashy with how they party but with you posting this for likes is just as trash. Then I see more people saying the Rizal quote ‘Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.’ It ticks me off that you guys even say this, what have you done anything that has helped this country be not s**t? You’re on Facebook commenting on a s**t post instead of being that ”pag-asa” TL:DR – People do dome s**t, the admin is a dumbf**k, pag-asa my nuts**s, get off facebook you fu**s”. Marlon Nones said angrily.

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