A video was posted on Facebook showing a truck and revo driving fast without minding the other vehicles around them.

On the video that was captured and uploaded by Kenneth John Palles, it showed how the truck moved fast on the road, it kept on swinging and overtaking other vehicles.


Halfway on the video, a revo came and suddenly overtook the truck. Instead of lowering the speed, the truck moved fast and overtook the revo, too. It seems that the two vehicles were racing illegally on a public road.

Most of the netizens commented negatively towards the truck driver: “Loko nman ung driver ng truck. Kala mo nabili niya ung kalsada. Palibhasa malaki walang pakialam sa mga kasabayan na maliliit na sasakyan (The driver of the truck thinks he owns the road. Just because he was driving a huge vehicle doesn’t mean he shouldn’t mind the smaller ones.),” Gene Oliver Zabala said.

According to Michael Allan Caballero, it only implies that the truck driver is uneducated because of his actions:  “haha natatawa nlng ako, hndi sa minamaliit ko yung TRUCK DRIVER ha.. pero jan nakikita yung mga taong walang PINAGARALAN.”

Some netizens pointed out that the LTO (Land Transportation Office) must take actions in order to avoid road accidents.

Walter Marc C. Cantero
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: Facebook

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