MANILA, Philippines-Raytheon, a leading American defense company, has won a “Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) maritime border security contract for the Philippines,” a report from Military & Aerospace Electronics  online said.

In a filing on August 24, 2013, it said that Philippines selected Raytheon for “border security automatic identification system, integration, and training.”

Raytheon is listed as the world’s largest producer of guided missles.

“The contract, worth up to$18 million if all options are exercised, is Raytheon’s first border security-related agreement in Southeast Asia,” the report said.

The contract was awarded on July 2013 and will end on July 31, 2015.

The report further said that “under the two-year base contract, Raytheon will design and build a National Coast Watch Center (NCWC).”

NCWC will also “support integration of data from various agencies into the NCWC, and provide acquisition, installation, and training on an automatic identification system, as well as radio communications” for the country.

Quoting David Appel, director of Surveillance, Range, and Infrastructure Solutions for Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information, and Services business, the report said that “with this contract, Raytheon continues its role in providing critical services and solutions to help other countries deter, detect and interdict illicit weapons and materials that could harm their citizens.”