Last February 20, 2014, a story of two brothers on a jeeney was reposted on Billy Crawford’s page that is still viral until now.

Two Brod


Here is the story:

I was on the same jeep with these two kids. His brother is sending his younger brother to school and said “Be careful out there and study well. I’m just going to sell sampaguita so that we can buy you a notebook later.” His younger brother answered him “Yes! Kuya, come and pick me up again, okay?” Then the driver suddenly cut the conversation of the two. “Hey! You two should pay your fare, this isn’t a free ride. Nothing is for free now.” Then the older brother replied “Kuya, can we please stay and get off just in front of the church. We don’t have money and I just don’t want to soil my brother’s uniform.” Instead of helping them, the driver forced them to get off the jeep. Then I said “Kuya, I’ll pay for their fare. You don’t have to be mean, they’re just getting off on the church”.


A lot of netizens commented on the page and that they are willing to help the two brothers.

Monika Kamille Limpido said “Who can tell me the route of this jeep or which church they got off to? Please let me know. I want to help. My heart aches for them”.

“Can somebody give me an idea on how to contact these two kids? I just want to give them a present.” Edward Radaza commented.

According to Romeo Whosoever, THE REAL story is that there were students who took pictures of them then ended up giving a fake story that’s supposed to be used in their study research.They are his cousins. They are in good condition. I can’t believe a lot of people believed this just because of famewhore storymakers. We should not pity them because they are well-raised children. They are wretched in the matter of being shown to public because there’s a possibility of them to be socially traumatize.”

Romano Whosoever Tañedo clarified that “the two kids don’t sell sampaguita flowers and that they actually pay for their fare. This is a stolen picture of my two cousins from Nova while they were travelling to school, then they made up a story just for fame purposes only. It reached overseas and some of them even gave help because of the false story. It’s a scam! A made-up story! Jeez, people nowadays.”

Jynvel R. Anguren
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source:   Billy Crawford’s facebook page



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