If one rainbow streched across the sky brings us goosebumps,  wonder what a quadruple rainbow might do.

A social media user shared a photograph online, showing a four layers or rainbow appearing on the sky of Cebu City, Phillipines.

Many people believe that is a sign of God that there will be never be no flood that  will destroy our life.

“When I send clouds over the eart, the rainbow will appear in the clouds, and I will remember my covenant with you and will all living creatures. Never again will the floodwaters destroy all life.” Genesis 9:14-15 (NLT)

However according to National Geographic that as a ray bounces around inside a droplet, some light escapes and is split into its constituent colors, forming a rainbow. Each time the ray gets reflected, the light, and thus the rainbow, gets a bit dimmer.

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When this happens three or four times, the final rays exit in the direction of the light source—the sun—and create extremely faint rainbows opposite the original two, which can be seen only while facing away from the sun.

Raibow specialist says that It’s a normal occurrence and there is a scientific explanation. Quaternary rainbows are natural products of the combination of refraction dispersion and reflection inside raindrops. These are the same process that creates all rainbows, yet they are taken to their extreme to produce these higher order variants.

In other words , there is nothing weird going on in here. Just as a mirror can send light in many different directions, so can raindrops.

Rainbows are visions but only illusions, people get very excited by seing a bright and beauful color appearing in the sky, and they just project meaning unto it.

Source:  Ghangzy from Cebu, City




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