“I got inspired by a kid,” said Joyce Torrefranca, who posted the photos of a child studying at the sidewalk near a fast food restaurant.

In the photo, the child was sitting on the cemented sidewalk while writing on a paper/studying on a bench-turned-table at night.

Although Torrefranca did not give details about the location, the photo was probably taken somewhere in Cebu.

This inspiring photo received a lot of awwws from the netizens and even predicted that the kid will be successful someday.

Inspiring Child

Another Facebook user, Giomen Probert Ladra Alayon, commented on the photo: “I was able to talk to this kid moments after Joyce took this snapshot. Nagstudy sya ug English. (He was studying English.) More like a homework: identify the animal illustrated.”

“This kid’s perseverance in studying makes this picture such an inspiration. Despite the lack of personal space or inadequate lighting, still he chose to study. Keep it up kid! Mabuhay!” Alayon added.

This kid is such an inspiration to everyone and he is a great example that poverty is not a hindrance to education. There are a lot of ways to have it if we have that kind of strong desire.

Former Street Child Graduates from College

Rusty Quintana is a living proof that street children are not just for the streets.

Rusty is a former street child who was exposed to drugs and crime at such a young age. But he made his way out of the darkness and is now living a better life.

Despite being arrested a lot of times and going in and out of foster homes, Rusty chose to change, with the help of art and some good people.

At the age of 20, he was granted a scholarship in Xavier University- Ateneo de Cagayan and just this year, he graduated with a degree in Development Communication.

Now (as describe in his website), he is a sculptor, painter, musician, craftsman, tattoo artist, fire dancer, and a whole lot more.

To sum it all up, he is a real inspiration to us all, especially to street children. He never gave up on his dreams and now that he has achieved them, he is also determined to help children who started out like him. A true hero.

Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

Sources: Facebook post, Rappler

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