Photos of a stray dog reportedly in Taguig City were posted recently on Hope for Stray Dogs in the Philippines, a Facebook Group advocating the humane treatment and adoption of stray dogs in the country.

Facebook user Milrose May Cruz posted the pictures, saying the dog used to belong to their former neighbor. The dog used to be clean and well groomed, but after its former owners have abandoned the animal, it has suffered several wounds on its face, most noticeably an ugly gash on its nose, allegedly caused by an itak, or machete.

Milrose, or Mia, explained that she sometimes feeds the dog scraps, despite repeated warnings against approaching the animal in fear of being bitten. The area she and the dog are in is reportedly a Muslim area where keeping dogs is not allowed.

Mia is asking help from anyone willing to rescue the dog and help it recover from it wounds. She adds the animal seems to be sad.

The full story and photos can be found on this post on Hope for Strays.

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