Anna Domingo Santos posted a picture recently of a disabled man because of his hardwork in Cebu.

“I hope God would bless him and hope he inspired other people that disability is not a hindrance to make a living”, Anna Santos said on her post.

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According to Anna, She was buying a ticket from Robles in Cebu for her husband who will be going to Leyte. After they paid the ticket, outside of the office, a man in a wheelchair approached them. They were asked if they want to a ride on a taxi. He is a disabled man. Due to his condition, he calls taxis to make a living.

He fetched them a taxi and they gave him one hundred pesos because they were amazed and inspired of what he did.  The taxi driver saw what they gave to the man. The driver told them that they made the right thing because that person is very hardworking and he is always at Arena and calls taxis for passengers.

MC’s Exclusive interview to the source:

Why did you post the picture of the disabled man?

“Because I wanted to share his experience. This kind of people are inspiring and hopefully, rich people there can help him”, – Anna Santos.

Jynvel R. Anguren
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: Anna Santo’s facebook post


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