Nah, I can’t believe this.  I can’t believe there’s still some people who doesn’t mind physical appearance all because of COC. What if COC will be discontinued? Will there still be forever in your relationship? Hahahaha! Sorry for being bitter”, Mikki Layco commented on Facebook.

June 20, 2015 a photo posted on the Facebook page of Mitoy and Mika, has gone viral to the netizens. According to the caption, they are thankful that their love was developed because of Clash of Clans (COC).

May Forever Na

According to Pinoy, Mitoy and Mika are always chatting on Facebook and they are always sharing their gaming strategy with each other, but many people disapproved of their relationship because of the appearance of Mitoy.

Despite the bullying of Mitoy’s appearance, some of the netizens still support them.

“Dont judge a book by its cover, love is like your work: it doesn’t use beautiful bodies, but it uses skills, hard work, and love for your work― same as love, love him with all of your heart, just fight then save your relationship. God bless both of you,”Jay-r Romano defended.

“What is the use of beauty if your attitude is bad? It doesn’t matter in the appearance when it comes to love, it is in the heart instead. Just continue your love for each other. Don’t mind the people ruining your relationship. Just put God as a center in your bond and ask for guidance,” advises Prince Kent Manosa.

However, it was clarified by Joshua Saba Lapid, a friend of Althea Beruya Ronquillo (known as Mika) that they are not the ones who made the page, the page was just made for fun and foolishness.


Althea said in a post that they don’t even know how to play COC and that they are not playing it.

“They are a couple. They are a nice persons. I hope they don’t judge them”, said Joshua Saba Lapid.

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Source: Mitoy and Mika’s photo, Pinoy, Facebook photo


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