A Facebook user by the name of Ziri Cerdeña recently shared her account of a recent incident involving a a “laslas bag” modus operandi, commonly used by thieves to victimize bus and jeepney commuters.

While commuting on a jeep towards the Alabang area, Cerdeña noticed that her bag had sustained a large slash, seemingly made by the man sitting beside her. She initially had suspicions about him due to his ragged appearance, dismissing them during the ride, only to find out she was right all along.

Laslas Gang

Asked on whether anything valuable was taken, Cerdena said, “Fortunately wala! Laptop laman ng bag ko, nasa kabilang side yung wallet and everything kaya nahirapan sya kasi nakaharang yun laptop!” (Fortunately, nothing (was taken)! My bag contained by laptop, with my wallet and everything else on the other side, so he (the thief) had a hard time getting them because they were blocked by the laptop!)

Ziri Cerdeña’s Facebook post reads:

I thought nagkamali lang akong isipin na magnanakaw ka or manyakis! Dahil napicturan pa kita kahit antok na antok ako nun nagtataka na ako sa kilos mo! Pero NALASLAS mo na pala ang bag ko!
nako dahil dyan kuya, SISIKAT KA! promise! (Jeep papuntang Alabang ako nakasakay by the way.)


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