Thai Kosin Prasertsri
Thai Kosin Prasertsri

PHILIPPINES–A 32-year old Thai Kosin Prasertsri is facing deportation charges in the country after posting insulting remarks on social media against Filipinos.

Kosin, who previously worked for Taguig city-based business process outsourcing company, angered Filipino netizens after his racist remarks went viral.

Some of his comments posted online like in Asean Community Facebook page under the account name  Koko Narak include calling Filipinos as “pignoys,” “useless race in the world,” and “scums of the Earth.”

“On behalf of Cognizant Technology Solutions Philippines, we take this opportunity to thank you for bringing to our attention the contentious remarks made by Kosin Prasertsri on social media. His views are personal and the company neither supports, nor subscribes to them.

“As a global organization that holds itself to the highest standards of diversity and inclusivity, we have zero-tolerance towards those who do not abide by our corporate values and are taking this matter very seriously. We have already taken steps to address the issue in keeping with our comprehensive and stringent corporate policies. Please be assured that we had initiated our internal interventions to address this matter and Kosin will face the consequences of his action after due process,”came the official statement of Kosin’s employer.

The company fired him on May 4.

Kosin however apologized to Filipinos online, citing his “playfulness.”


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