The men and women of Tacloban Chamber Volunteer with their new Emergency Medical Service mobile (center)  . Photo courtesy of Tacloban Chamber Volunteer
The men and women of Tacloban Chamber Volunteer with their Medic Team and newly-acquired Emergency Medical Service , an Ford-350 (center) . Photo courtesy of Tacloban Chamber Volunteer

TACLOBAN CITY, Philippines-A Filipino-Chinese chamber volunteer fire brigade has announced its newly-acquired emergency medical services in a bid to save more lives aside from saving properties during fire call in Tacloban and nearby towns in Leyte.

Archibald “Arjan” Antig, volunteer fire marshall, disclosed the million-worth brand new Ford-350 is one of a kind in the region.

He added that manning their newly-formed emergency medical rescue unit are 18 voluntary medical personnel who are mostly registered nurses headed by Jake A. Estorque.

“ This is the addition to our 30 plus-strong fire volunteer team, to ensure first their safety during fire response, even without expecting in return” said Antig, whose group is also the nationwide winner in 2010 TXTFire Olympics.

Jack Uy (Go Tic Ching), president of Tacloban Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, congratulated the group for its new emergency response team and thanked those who gave support for the fire ambulance.

City Fire chief inspector Adel de Paz Bautista commended the chamber for their spirit of volunteerism, admitting the volunteer fire brigade “greatly complemented the effort of the government in terms of equipment, manpower and capability-support during fire emergency” since its creation in 1970s.