TACLOBAN CITY- The city government here will not bar the provincial government-backed Pintados-Kasadyan Festival of Festivals from parading on major streets even the city has its own Sangyaw Festival.

Lawyer Irene Chu, head of the city licensing department, said they have not yet received a copy of the application for parade permit from the organizers Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals that is regularly held every June 27.

Pintados was first celebrated on June 29, 1987 led by business group Pintados Foundation. In 1996, then Leyte governor and now Palo town Mayor Remedios Petilla introduced yet another festival, the Leyte Kasadyaan Festival. The two festivals later merged.

“We assure them in a meeting that we will process their papers and we will issue a permit,” Chu told reporters during a press briefing.

In 2011, Pintados-Kasadyaan parade was not pushed through after the city government blocked the parade route with four dump trucks and several policemen, an event that has change the history of said festival participation in Tacloban City fiesta.

The Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals were jointly held every June 29 until 2007. In 2008, the city government revived the Marcos era Sangyaw Festival every June 29, pushing the parade date for the two festivals to two days earlier

The rivalry of the two festivals has deepened the political rift of Romualdez and Petilla clan.

Since then, organizers of Pintados-Kasadyaan although regularly seek for permits to the city government always forego with street dance presentation and just do with the ritual presentation at the Leyte Sports Development Center.

Last year, the same scenario also happened when the city government only allowed Pintados-Festival organizers to parade on certain streets and not on the proposed major streets.

But for this year, Chu said that the city government will grant the request of Pintados-Kasadyaan since there is no major activity of the city on day time.

Chu added that they will extend assistance to the organizers of the festival through deployment of members from the Traffic Operation Management Enforcement and Control Office (TOMECO) and city police during the parade.

“It is part of our service to assist them,” said Tiu.

Seeing Sangyaw and Pintados-Kasadyaan Festivals joining together for Tacloban City fiesta is always a dream of the city government, said Councilor Cristina Romualdez, who heads the city council’s committee on tourism.

“As much as possible we want to have one fun big fiesta. We are always reaching our hands to them and we are just waiting for them to reach their hands to us,” Romualdez said.

“We hope that one of these days we will have unity which is not only good for Tacloban but for the province of Leyte as well. We never liked disagreement, we all want harmonious celebration for our city fiesta,” she added.

Romualdez, the mayor’s wife, said that having two festivals in Tacloban held in separate days is beneficial to the city as tourists will stay longer and will enjoy more.

As a request to the organizers of Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival of Festivals, the official asked them to help ensure that garbage will be collected immediately after the parade.(PNA)

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