WE ARE THANKFUL for His Highness King Abdullah for issuing a royal decree halting the execution of all convicts on Saudi death row and that includes OFW Joselito Zapanta. We have heard that a decree was previously issued to this effect.

But again, our call to P-Noy government stays -that it should reconsider sending a ‘mercy mission’ to once and for all ask the Saudi government and the family of the Sudanese Zapanta had killed to issue forgiveness amid the efforts by the Zapanta side to raise the amount needed for the blood money.

A comprehensive legal and diplomatic blue print should be crafted by the concerned Philippine government agencies to save the OFWs not only in Saudi death row but as well as others in foreign jails.

-John Leonard Monterona
Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator
Mobile No. 00966 559428739