With the recent Mindanao-wide power outage-related failure of Therma South coal-fired power plant in Davao City, the Network Opposed to Coal-fired Power Plants (NO TO COAL – Davao) airs its worries over the plants construction.

Leighton Holdings, the mother company of Leighton Contractors (Philippines), faces multiple raps of corporate corruption in Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, and Australia. It stands accused of bribing government officials for approval of construction projects in Southeast Asian countries. Just last year, Leighton Holdings was involved in a corporate corruption issue in Iraq, where they were involved in mining construction projects.

Leighton Contractors is the construction company hired by Therma South for the construction of the 20-billion-peso power plant, which opened during the last lenten season, coinciding with the recent Mindanao-wide blackout on April 5.

It is interesting that these people were allowed to do business on Philippine soil, when a simple Google search will show reportage that Leighton Holdings’ top officials had full knowledge of the kickbacks received by government officials for their approval for Leighton Holdings over the pending construction projects.

Aside from the environmental dangers posed by the power plant, it also brings up the question of integrity, as corporations facing corruption issues are allowed to operate in the country. It seems that Leighton Holding’s record is known in many countries, except in the Philippines, where it has multiple investments as of the moment.

We thus reiterate our call to stop the privatization of our power industry. The government must have a tight hand on such crucial industry in the country.


Dr. Jean Lindo


NO TO COAL – Davao