Anyone who drives through Manila’s main throughways, such as SCTEX, NLEX, and SLEX, is probably familiar with the speed limits on these expressways. On most throughways in the country, it’s 80 kph for buses and trucks and 100kph for all other vehicles.

To enforce these limits, enforcers patrolling the South Luzon Expressway have been ‘armed’ with speed guns, which accurately capture the speed of moving vehicles—or so we were made to believe. A certain Facebook user by the name of Dennis Gonzales  recently reported being apprehended thrice by enforcers, who claimed he was speeding along SLEX.

Not wanting to be flagged down once more, Gonzales finally set his car’s cruise control—a mechanism that automatically limits a car’s speed—to 100 kilometers per hour, recording the speedometer on video as proof should they be apprehended once more.

And as luck would have it, an enforcer flags his car down.

You can see the video here, with a copy of Gonzale’s post below.

The SLEX speed gun is a SCAM…driving thru SLEX southbound my wife decided to record our travel because we’ve been apprehended 3x already in a span of 2 weeks for overspeeding, even though our speed is set at 100kph using cruise control. If point A is the Caltex station were we started recording and point C is Calamba exit, point B is ABI Greenfield area where their speed gun is positioned.

Medyo mahaba ang video, but if you are a motorist this is worth watching. Even SLEX MATES management confirms to us that our complaint is unprecedented since we have a video to support our claim. For the 4th time we were flagged down in Calamba exit for overspeeding at 131kph.

This video is unedited…kayo na po ang bahalang humusga… ibig sabihin yata nito pwede nilang hulihin kahit walang kasalanan. Kami nga may video na, may ticket pa rin…

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