Who would have thought something incredibly creepy would take place at such a festive event?

We were partying at the Baseline during the Sinulog 2016-everybody was busy chanting “Pit Senyor,” dancing and screaming their hearts out. Some were even showering the crowd with Cebu City Baselinebeer and throwing water bottles at each other, but everybody was truly happy and sharing the fun.

But out of nowhere appeared this old lady, sandwiched in the middle of a young crowd. This woman caught my attention not just because she’s old (like what the hell is she doing amidst this swarm of crazy people?!), but because she looked so determined to reach for something.

Me and my squad dared to follow her, and before we knew it, we were already across Aboitiz and Juana Osmeña streets. Even if we were just a few feet away from her, we found it difficult to go near her because of the crowd. We wanted to help her reach her destination since she was being bumped and hit over by the other partygoers who barely noticed her struggle.

Pit Senyor Mystery Old Woman

Good thing it wasn’t just us who saw her.

Another group of young teens caught sight of this old lady, and they helped form a human ring around her so she can have the space to walk free and protected to her chosen destination-which was the less crowded Aboitiz Street.

What was more exciting is that other onlookers took notice, and they too helped pave the way for her to walk on. One of my friends, Jeff, a Sinulog first-timer, asked, “Why did they do that?”

“Do what?” I asked with a smile. “Help the old lady? That’s what we call respect.”

Jeff smiled back and said, “That’s what I call faith in humanity restored.”

Jeff, me and our squad tried to follow the old lady once more-we wanted to give her water and stuff to eat, but it seemed like she just vanished into thin air. Even the “tambays” of Aboitiz Street did not recognize her passing by, and that just made things much creepier.

But then again, it really felt good to see how we still value our morals. Never mind the twerks and booty shakes during the street parties-humanity works in mysterious ways right before our very eyes.

And yes, I got some cool shots of Sinulog too!

Red Cross at Sinulog

Opppsss.. Not that one, it’s not cool to be a victim of stampede.. Probably these phone shots:

The Punk at Sinulog
The Sinulog Punk
The Blue Fish Sinulog
Blue Fishes
The Virgin Mary
The Mama Mary

Viva Pit Senyor!

Everyone on the streets of Cebu City is screaming to their heart’s delight as they celebrate this year’s Sinulog Festival. Not only has there been a wide array of parties (and after-parties) since the week-long extravaganza has started, but also the recognition of the festival itself-an honor to Santo Niño, through a fluvial procession and a grand parade on the city streets of Cebu.

But what’s there to see and catch on photos?

The parade itself-its vibrant and lively interpretations of celebrating the arrival of the Santo Niño in which different groups participate in is already a must-see. Onlookers and the in-character dancers get to jive together as they march on the streets, and this alone is already worth a multitude of shots!

Let’s not forget the Cebuana pride when it comes to beauty and grace, as the candidates for Miss Sinulog get to showcase their glamour throughout the festival proper! Cebuana beauties get to participate not only in the pageant, but in the parades as well, all of them feeling confidently beautiful with a heart!

And who says the night takes a close in Sinulog? The life just wakes up by then! The street parties are everywhere, and people can just literally dance to their heart’s delight-with no reservations! This is definitely a must-see, and be saved on pictures for keeps!

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