A Filipino household service worker (HSW) who had been allegedly maltreated and raped was ‘surrendered’ by her employer at the Saudi social welfare agency, according to a migrant rights group.

Migrante Sectoral Party (MSP) KSA chapter identified the OFW as Rina (not her real name), 25, from Kabuntalan, Maguindanao based on a passport copy that was obtained by the group.

“Yesterday, our group was alerted by concerned Filipino wards at the Saudi social welfare agency (SWA) about the deteriorating condition of OFW Rina 6 days after she was left behind by her employer at SWA,” said Francis Dungca, MSP-Riyadh spokesperson and head of Migrante-KSA rights and welfare committee.

Dungca added that based on the information he and his colleagues obtained from OFW Rina’s fellow wards at SWA, she was a rape victim.

“OFW Rina told them that she was gagged with clay and silicon after the rape incident,” Dungca quoting OFW Rina’s fellow wards at the social welfare center.

When she was brought by her employer at SWA 6 days ago, she could hardly stand and walk according to OFW wards at SWA.

“Then last night’s call from her fellow wards was alarming that she could no longer stand, walk, and even talk. She is not moving and her fellow OFWs observed that she is already in coma,” Dungca added.

OFW underage?

Quoting fellow wards at SWA, OFW Rina is only seventeen (17) years old in which Mr. Dungca said, ‘Her real age should be ascertained by the Philippine embassy and POLO-OWWA officials’.

“POLO-OWWA was informed days ago about OFW Rina and her condition. We were informed that POLO-OWWA officer-in-charge to Filipino wards at SWA Mr. Bashir Ayob allegedly denies providing assistance to OFW Rina because she was not under POLO-OWWA custody and therefore has no responsibility for OFW Rina,” said John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator.

Monterona lambasted the POLO-OWWA official saying that if he does not want to render his services then he should immediately resign.

Last night, Monterona said he sent short messages following up OFW Rina’s case to POLO-OWWA officials -Labor Attache Rustico de le Fuente, assistant labor attache Dominador Salanga, and senior welfare officer Jose Capa.

“An official of POLO-OWWA replied back saying that OFW Rina was already brought to the hospital. This was contradicted by OFW Rina’s fellow wards, thus they sent us photos of Rehana who is still at SWA,” Monterona added.

Monterona confirms that he will raise OFW Rina’s case to POLO-OWWA officials during the scheduled dialog on September 28, a Monday.

“The worsening plight of Filipino domestic workers sans no onsite protection has been aggravated by incompetent Philippine embassy and POLO-OWWA officials’, after all the BS Aquino administration’s ‘Tuwid na Daan’ trademarks are incompetence, the ‘Bahala na Kayo’ mentality, and lip services to OFWs and their families,” Monterona lamented.