Ryan Rems Sarita is a tutor from Novaliches who found his lime light when he joined showtime; an Abs-Cbn segment that is said to be dedicated for budding comedians.

Sarita joined the contest of the show wiping off the competition and earning him a second chance to be named the first ever grand winner of ”The Funny One.’

During the noontime program’s segment, Ryan Rems Sarita earned a near perfect score from judges Melai Cantiveros, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, and actor-comedian Joey Marquez.

Rock in Rock to the World

You probably need a second or two to get a hold of the gist of his jokes; and in this regard his style of comedy probably requires an IQ and will, therefore, not be for everybody. In fact, he twice lost the daily one-on-one stand-offs with other comics which are judged by the live audience

Perhaps his materials were not good enough on the two weekdays when he lost the one-on-one standoffs. Perhaps, too, the Saturday live audiences of Showtime rather tend to be more animated and sophisticated than those of the midweek shows.

This just shows that his brand of comedy is something of an acquired taste; and indeed, the first time you watched him, you will not think he was funny at all. However, his comedy grows into you; and especially so if the live audience plays along with him.

His famous lines ” Rock and roll to the world, Woooh” trends worldwide and is now use as hashtags and ending lines when a person is telling a joke.

Image Source: LIBRENGKOMIKS, lifesomundane


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