Temptation can be hard to resist sometimes. And during these times, you can easily lose faith in humanity.

In a CCTV footage taken in a gas station, a guy was caught picking up cash that fell off from another individual in the same establishment. But rather than returning the money to the owner, the guy hurriedly gave the amount to his companion then drove away from the scene.

Netizens who have seen the video bashed the culprits on social media, saying that they should be immediately apprehended. Some commenters have likewise been using the hashtag #RIPHumanity since the incident showed how weak mankind can be in the face of temptation.

According to reports, the amount taken by the two men at the gas station is worth almost Php30,000.

Among the top comments on the viral video include:

“Mga kapatid mayroon tayong mas malaking kaawaykaysa sa mga amerikano…an gating mga sarili,” says Jithro, who quoted a line from the blockbuster movie, ‘Heneral Luna.’

“You can easily earn money but it is hard to escape from karma or your conscience,” says Either.

There are also those who put the blame on the owner of the money, saying he should have been more careful.

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Canaya, Edward Vincent C.

LNU Intern

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