Just several days after a man was ambushed by gunmen, another victim was slayed when ambushed by riding-in-tandem gunmen in Pasay City. The incident took place in front of Seaside Market (known as Dampa) on Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City at 9:45pm.

Collateral Damage

According to investigations, the man,known as Mark Niel Alesasis, was driving a dark blue Mercedez Benz car with plate number BAO 112. Alesasis, aged 33, was a former Marine soldier who is now working as a driver and bodyguard. He is a resident of Block 13, Lot 28, Francisco Homes, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Alesasis died on the spot while his companions suffered injuries from gun shots.


Adelfa Dava Apostol, aged 22, married and a resident of 531 Asuncion St., Binondo, Manila was on board the car that Alesasis was driving. Apostol was in critical condition and later on succumbed to gunshot wounds at 1:15am after undergoing treatment at San Juan de Dios Hospital.


Kate Monica Hong, aged 20, and Janel Choi, aged 5, both from Binondo, Manila were also Alesasis and Apostol’s companions. The two suffered injuries in the head and forehead from stray bullets. Hong and Choi were immediately brought to the hospital but were then released after treatment.


According to the authorities, the incident happened while Alesasis was paying for the parking ticket after taking dinner at a restaurant in Seaside Market. One of the suspects who was wearing a bull cap, suddenly appeared and fired at the victims several times. After that, the gunman just walked away from the scene like nothing happened. The gunman escaped on board a motorcycle driven by his companion who was already waiting nearby.


Authorities are still investigating the reasonfor the shooting. The police also said that they are still checking if there are any CCTVsnear the vicinity that was able to take a footage of the incident. A CCTV footage will help them in completing the investigation.


Alesasis is already the 4th victim of riding in tandem in Pasay City this month. Authorities are still checking if his death has something to do with illegal drugs.

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