Red Cross Million Volunteer Run
MANILA, Philippines- The Philippine National Red Cross has announced anew its nationwide “Million Volunteer Run 2” on Sunday, February 10, 2013.

Completing its extensive network of one million volunteers, the fun run aims to “awaken the volunteer spirit of the country” this early time of the year as the country has been continuously battered by natural disasters, particularly typhoons and floods, the country’s humanitarian agency said.

Natural calamities has surged 50% in the Philippines, making it as the world’s most disaster-hit country in 2011, PNRC earlier declared.

“The formula to alleviate human suffering in this horrifying buffet of disasters is the mobilization of millions of Red Cross volunteers supported by logistics and robust technological capabilities,” announced Red Cross on its official website, adding the agency wanted to have volunteers throughout the country.

“We want to have Red Cross first aiders, blood donors, and health and welfare volunteers in every home, school, workplace, and community in every corner of the Philippines.”

The agency has also asked for partners in their project to empower those who are affected by the devastating effects of disasters in the country.

The first Million Volunteer Run happened last December 2011.