A religious-themed joke originally tweeted by Internet personality Gali S. Fierce (Twitter and Facebook) and reposted on the Far Eastern University community page, FEU Stolen Shots, has stirred controversy on social media, with reactions ranging from accusations of blasphemy, to calls not to take the joke seriously.

Religious Tweet

Gali S. Fierce’s joke is written from a parent’s perspective, who “Anak, kelan ka na nga ulit gagraduate?” (Son, just when are you graduating again?). He then attaches a bible verse, from Matthew 24:36:

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

Reactions to the joke are a mixed bag, with several users expecting the predictable reaction of many “butthurt” Filipinos.

User Benjie Llamas writes:

Brace yourselves, butthurt religious people comments are comi….wait, they’re here nevermind.

User Adrian Alemania reminds everyone to relax:

Chill. Mga pari nga nagjojoke din about kay almighty one sa misa.

To which user Daniel Andrade replied:

Which is hindi dapat, sabihin mo sa mga pari niyo, wag gawing biro ang Mahal na Panginoo.

Likewise, Jonas Hajj D. Carlos  echoed a similar warning, writing:

This is Mocking.

and of the comment from the post cause more rage:

Foul Words for Filipino Catholic

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