International Organization for Migration in partnership with government agencies on Friday  launched “Tindog Kita” or Let’s Rise,  a radio drama which follows the story of a Filipino family as they rebuild after a typhoon hits their community.

Louie Quebec, Tacloban veteran broadcaster and producer of the program, thanked IOM for the initiative, saying “ people Eastern visayas are known to be avid radio drama listeners, so this is a useful way to communicate to them, particularly in emergency context.”

According to Quebec, the 20-episode radio drama will focus on eight key messages on disaster preparation, climate change, global warming, and health-related topics during emergencies.

These include be prepared; find a safe location to build; consider the house’s shape; build a strong foundation; tie down from the bottom up; brace against the storm; form strong joints; and construct safety roof.

“Radio is one of the key channels by which people will obtain their information since it can reach the most remote barangays,” said Quebec in a statement.

The radio drama will be aired in Radyo Abante 98.7 FM in Tacloban from Mondays to Fridays between 3 to 4 pm.

Amy Rhoades, Communication with Communities program manager from IOM , said that “the innovative radio program is aimed to educate and inspire the survivors.”

It’s aligned with the national government’s “build back safer” communities after Yolanda, Rhoades added.

Robert Greaney, New Zealand-based music artist and founder of Health Songs International, collaborated in the composition of  the “Tindog Kita” songs,  which were recorded in Waray language and sang by Tacloban artists and survivors  Reian Mar Tupaz and Queenie Zapanta.

According to Greaney, he has been producing  “health songs” to  help people and communities heal themselves through music particularly after a disaster.

IOM will also launch another versions of the radio drama songs in Ilonggo, Cebuano and Tagalog languages.

 Click here to listen Tindog Kita!  official music