PNP Philippine National Police

TACLOBAN CITY, Philippines- The Philippine National Police regional office in Eastern Visayas announces the processing of police officer 1 (PO1) recruitment program for this year.

The 1st cycle is the PO1 regular recruitment which has started accepting initial requirements in November 2015 until March 31, 2016 for a quota of 800. They are set to take their oath in July 2016.

The 2nd cycle is the PO1 attrition recruitment program, which will commence in April 2016 and will end accepting initial requirements in June 2016 with a quota of 450. The scheduled oath-taking is in November 2016.

Sr. Supt. Elizar Egloso, chief of the regional police community relations office, said the regular recruitment quota (RRQ) was intended to strengthen and improve the country’s police-to-population ratio, while the attrition requirement quota replenishes personnel loss due to retirement, separation, separation or death of policemen.

Egloso added that qualified and competent applicants for PO1 were encouraged to submit their properly accomplished application folder directly to the Regional Personnel and Human Resource Development Division (RPHRDD) – Recruitment and Selection Section for the screening phase.

Interested applicants are advised to prepare the following requirements: a duly-accomplished application form, duly-accomplished Civil Service Commission personal data sheet, two valid identification cards; birth certificate, transcript of records and diploma, certificate of eligibility and board rating, local clearances such as barangay (village) clearance, police clearance, National Bureau of Investigation clearance, mayor’s clearance, court clearance; affidavit of undertaking form, certificate of good moral character from the college or university, general weighted average, and height waiver (for under height applicant).

Egloso also said that applicants must be a Filipino citizen with good moral character, 21 years and above but not more than 30 years old, at least one meter and sixty two centimeters (1.62 m) in height for male and one meter and fifty-seven centimeters (1.57 m) in height for female.

An applicant must not be more than or less than five kilograms from the standard weight corresponding to one’s height, age and sex.

Applicants must possess a formal baccalaureate degree from a recognized learning institution, must be illegible in accordance with the standards set by the police commission, must not have been dishonorably discharged from the military employment or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government.

Aspiring cops must never be convicted by final judgment of an offence or crime involving moral turpitude and must have no pending criminal case in any court, including at the office of the Ombudsman or administrative case if he/she is already an employee of the government, according to Egloso.

Applicants will also undergo and must pass the neuro-psychiatric/psychological screening, physical agility test, physical/medical/dental examination, drug test to determine their physical and mental health and the final board interview by the members of the screening committee.

PO1 recruitment application forms are available in any police station and downloadable at PNP central and regional office websites. PNA/RMA/SQM/LIZBETH ANN A. ABELLA