MANILA, Philippines–Malacanang Palace has said that Pres. Benigno Aquino III “has never imposed a deadline in any case,” this in view also of the recent crime that occurred at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which took the life of Mayor Ukol Tumog Talumpa of Labangan town in Zamboanga del Sur, his wife and two others.

“ But certainly the President’s order is  to find the culprit as expeditiously as possible, making sure that we have the evidence to pinpoint the particular culprit. There are leads, so we don’t want to just mention them, just to be sure. The Philippine National Police is on the ball looking for the possible culprits,” said Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda in a press briefing Monday.

“Well, that is basic. We need to go through… We have to investigate as expeditiously as possible, but  all that will be based on evidence. If we’re going to gather evidences this early, it will be better for the case,” he added.

Pressed to give any development on the case, Lacierda answered, saying: “ Well, so far, we haven’t got  additional developments other than what has already been disclosed by Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr.”

“As soon as we have new developments, I think PNP will also be disclosing it to the public.”

Meanwhile, on the inquiry of CCTV installation in the airport recalling that in 2012 then Transportation Secretary now Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas had “promised” on it thru Takenaka Corporation of Japan, Lacierda said that “there were some issues regarding the Takenaka negotiations.”

“So I know for a fact that it was only recently, under the term of Secretary Jun Abaya, that the contract with Takenaka was signed. I think about… Let me just check when but it was fairly recently that we made the announcement that the contract with Takenaka was signed—few months back. There were a number of negotiations on the Takenaka contract,” Lacierda said.

“I think that’s part of the improvements that are going to be done. That is part of the mandate of—the work to be done by Takenaka. I think NAIA general manager Jose Angel Honrado has already stated in his press briefing that CCTVs will be installed.”

Lacierda however said that they “don’t know the schedule yet” on its installation.

“ I don’t know the work schedule of Takenaka. I will confirm with NAIA general manager Honrado. But certainly that is one of the planned programs of work to be done in the airport.”