Over the last few weeks, the term “pabebe girl” has been widely used by netizens on social media. It started out when a video of two girls, dubbed as “Summa cum bebe” and “Babaeng Utal,” became one of the most-shared posts on Facebook fan page of Senyora Santibanez. The video was shot by the girls’ friend who was given the moniker “Babaeng Multo” by the Facebook page.

The video was posted last June 12 and has gathered almost two million views. And in just a few days, the girls received the harshest comments from netizens.



But despite the critiques which seemed to have contributed to the girls’ popularity, the girls were featured on GMA-7’s weekend show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, which further pushed the girls’ popularity, to the point where they have become memes.Netizens soon did their own “Pabebe Girl” videos.

In a recent video, the girls left a message to their bashers and clarified that the video was just for fun.

To set the record straight there are different types of Pabebe Girls:
Type 1 – Pabebe Queen/Girl or Pabebeng Mamon. This is the original Pabebe Girl whose real name is Mary Jaydeeryn Elias. She was the first person to become popular for being called a pabebe. This type of pabebe is often found wandering alone in malls and sometimes meeting unpopular groups of pamintas. It’s favorite food is, you guessed it right, mamon.

Type 2 – Pabebe Brown a.k.a. Mar Dee. According to our resident social media experts in Pinoy News Blogger, Mar Dee is the first internet person to retaliate and violently react to Pabebe Girl’s video (see Type 1 above) by uploading a video of herself mocking and criticizing original Pabebe Queen/Girl Mary Jaydeeryn Elias. But instead of praises she gained so much haters and trolls flocked to her video mocking her physical appearance and skin complexion. But she did not waver before her bashers and stood firm. She’s been called Pabebe Brown by FB community page Tag Na This as Pabebe Brown out of respect and admiration of her confidence.

Type 3 – Pabebeng Sabaw Queen. This cute female internet person called Elizabeth Romero also started as a critic of all things pabebe. She uploaded a video of herself eating what we suspect is sinigang na ulo-ulo (fisg stew) with her hands while criticizing girls that shows symptoms of pabebeness. But instead of raking in praises from netizens she gained more haters as she herself, according to social media experts and trolls, is a pabebe hiding behind the guise of ‘one of the boys’ image.

Type 4 – Pabebe Girls a.k.a. Pabebe Warriors. Probably the ultimate Pabebe persons to emerge from the internet are these two young girls. After you watch their video you will wish that all of this is just a nightmare and it will end soon, but sadly its reality. These Pabebe Girls are real and is considered the epitome of pabebeness.

This whole pabebe phenomenon started out through viral videos showing two girls who referred to themselves as the PABEBE WARRIORS and one where the sole character a.k.a. MAMON GIRL is eating mamon (fluffy cake) while speaking in a trying-to-look-cute manner. We guess that’s what the whole pabebe thing is all about (that’s going to be another story. It’s Showtime and Gandang Gabi Vice host Vice Ganda even launched his latest single “Wag Kang Pabebe” on ASAP 20 last Sunday. After several references to the viral video stars in his show, Vice Ganda and the Pabebe Girls finally met.

However, social media community is divided about the idea of having all these young girls join the ranks of vice ganda in an official music offering. Critics say that the quality of Filipino music should be preserved and should not be jeopardized for the sake of sales.

Star Records Inc. immediately clarified that the young girls will only be featured and not necessarily be doing their own single.

Source:  http://www.pep.ph/peparazzi/photos/5559/look-pabebe-girls-take-over-the-internet

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