Here is a recent complain from a motorist of yet another notorious act of our dear traffic enforcers.

Nathaniel Melegrito Tolentino, the motorist, shared on Facebook the story and photos of the traffic enforcer he has encountered in Aurora Blvd.

“This traffic enforcer signaled me to stop because he said I was beating the red light, so I pulled over on the side of the road. He was so mad while he was talking to me then he suddenly pulled out my motor keys,” said Tolentino.

When asked where the officer’s mission order is, the officer cursed at him and sarcastically replied “Only wars have mission orders so give me your license!”

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Tolentino, knowing the officer doesn’t have the right to do such orders, refused to surrender his license.

The photos showed that the officer was only wearing a black jacket, green shorts, and a pair of slippers. He was clearly not in uniform.

Tolentino asked the officer again if the officer really was on duty and questioned his appearance.

“Why? NBI officers don’t even wear their uniform during operations,” sarcastically (again) replied the officer.

According to Tolentino, the officer couldn’t do anything. Even the other traffic enforcer was on his side which lead to the embarrassment of the sarcastic officer.

Be a Smart Motorist

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) posted an article, 10 Things that Drivers Should Know, to educate ignorant motorists and every motorist should read this.

In Tolentino’s case, the traffic enforcer cannot confiscate his driver’s license. Although there are situations that an officer has the right to confiscate a driver’s license, the violation, beating the red light, is not one of them.

Red light infractions only carry a fine amount and sometimes 3 demerit points.

Motorists should also know that each Traffic Enforcer has his or her own written mission order issued by the MMDA Central Admin. Drivers are free to ask for the apprehending officer’s mission order, which includes his area of responsibility, time of duty, official function, and whether or not the officer is authorized to issue tickets.

As what the legal principle says, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

Sources: Facebook post, MMDA