Shocking news was heard by the residents of Olangapo town when a body of the rape-slain victim named Aika de Dios Mojica with real name Karie Ces Mojika was found in their neighborhood.

Mojika was raped, burnt and buried in a vacant lot, her floral blouse and shorts were burn and smelled like gas, she wore a bonnet over her head and her hands and feet were tied by cable ties. She contained three gunshots within the head and tied. according to her friends who are posting in Facebook, she was conjointly got raped and burned.

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A Facebook user named Mhengskiedoo Mendoza a sister of Mojika, uploaded a photo of the person who rape her sister with a caption saying.

“We’re not mistaken of your personality, how dare you to do this to my sister!

His name is Jonathan Dewayne Ciocon Viane, 29 years old, lives in Wawandue Subic, he is the one who ruthlessly killed and burn Aika de Dios Mojica!!! ”  Viane is an American citizen, according to the witness Mojica and Viane are together and having some argument regarding personal Matters. It was also found out that Viane has a 4 year old daughter, living in the mother; ex-wife of Viane. In the facebook post of Mendoza anoter suspect was identified, it was said to be a friend of Viane named Nino de la Cruz. The suspect remains in pursuit by the authorities before one of them  can get out of the country as Viane is allegedly an american citizen. Aika Mojika was found dead in Maculcul Bridge, San Felipe, Zambales a day when she went missing.

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