A nine- months pregnant Goddes Hope Oliveros Libiran becomes a victim of a trickster.  An item on Ebay (Iphone 6plus)  has been offered to her by a man named  Fiesal Paular (Sal Paular), who has been an employee of Telstra and Teleperformance, and now of ePERFORMAX-Cebu for  P18,250 only.

Paular convinced Libiran to buy the said item and made their first transaction last week thinking that she might be able to resell the item for P22-23,000 as preparation for her upcoming delivery. However, the next morning, Paular called and told her that his sister used the phone and that he will just return the money and he did transfer the money back to Liberan on the same day.





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Nevertheless, Paular texted Liberan again on Wednesday asking if she is still interested in purchasing the item since he confirmed that the phone was not used by his sister at a much cheaper price of  P17,750 as a compensation for the hassle.

Repeated messages were received by Liberan from Paular as follow up if she was still interested telling her that the item was already packed and all good to go and that’s he just need to send him a confirmation that she have deposited the money.

Being, once again, persuaded by Paular the nine months pregnant who is in a not so good condition finally deposited the money and sent him a confirmation.

Upon sending the money Paular suddenly became busy with office reports and switched his phone off. Though he sent messages to Liberan saying that he has been busy and he is sorry and that he will surely send the package, Liberan never received the item.

After waiting for how many days Liberan demanded for the money to be returned but unfortunately she was not able to get contact with Paular. She posted in her facebook account with regard to the incident and have known from the comments that she is not the only victim of Fiesal Paular and that he is known as a professional swindler.

Update from ePERFORMAX. Mr. Paular is no longer connected to ePERFORMAX according to the email we received. Upon reading this article their HR Team verified that the alleged Fiesal Paular is no longer connected with them.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/goddesoliveros/posts/



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