“It’s only funny until it happens to your mother or sister.”

A netizen posted a short but powerful reminder on Facebook with the photo child star Andrea Brillantes with a caption of R.A. 7610, otherwise known as the Violence Against Women and Children




The 12-year-old child star has been on the hot seat since yesterday, after a video with a young girl that is said to be her circulated across the internet. The incident immediately became trending as it sparked all sorts of questions coming from the netizens. Many are curious, but a growing online mob is now calling for respect for Brillantes on the grounds of morality and child rights. There are also others who view the issue as a manifestation of the deteriorating moral and family values of the Philippine society.

Brillantes’ fans have since been defending her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, saying that more than respect, she also needs guidance and comfort, and that spreading the video-and the rumors about her, should be immediately stopped.

However, there are still those who want to dig deeper on the issue to prove or disprove the child star’s involvement in the said video leak.

Brillantes first rose to fame in 2013 for the eponymous role of “Annaliza,” on ABS-CBN. She and her camp remain mum on the trending issue.