Known as the newest online darling turned star in the noontime show “It’s Showtime,” 21-year-old Angelica Jane Yap, aka Pastillas Girl, has been receiving not just fans, but a load of bashers as well.

Pastillas Girl was first introduced in the noontime show’s “Madam Bertud” segment, where she asked for advice from Vice Ganda, who plays the segment’s titular character. She later started appearing regularly on the show until they created a specific segment for her, in which she is actively seeking for a new boyfriend.

While a lot of people have been moved by her story, Pastillas Girl also gained notoriety from various netizens. Many say that she is just a rip-off, and that she’s just in a rush to find love again, through the show. Others meanwhile say that she is not being a good role model especially for the underage audiences of “It’s Showtime,” mainly due to her use of expletive words in her videos. Some netizens meanwhile say that she doesn’t have the “kilig” factor, and it just riding on her newfound fame.

Regardless, Pastillas Girl has gone to become one of the trending topics in the country, particularly on the social networking site Twitter.

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