A Facebook user by the name of Christie Apple recently posted photos of her experience at the Terminal 4 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, where airport personnel tried to extort money from her and her Japanese boyfriend.

While trying to pass through the final security check of the airport, a security official barred her from entering the departure area, saying that the bottle of sunscreen lotion in her bag was a prohibited item. After rifling through Christie’s bag, the airport official also found a bottle of feminine wash, saying it too was a prohibited item.






Most airport and airline rules state that liquids above 100ml are prohibited from entry, and that any liquids in the passenger’s carryon bags should be stored in clear plastic bottles. So clearly, the official was in the right.

This would have sufficed, had it not been for the official trying to extort money from Christie, saying that he would let her pass only if she gave him a little bit of bribe money.

After trying to give him 20 pesos, the official insisted to receive 100 pesos instead, calling it a small amount for a meal.

This irked Christie into taking photos and a video of the official to record the blatant abuse of their authority.

Read the full text on Christie Apple’s post here.


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